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Kinematic Bath +5 to 200°c

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  • Model: B200V20
  • Standards: ASTMD 445

Precision Viscometer Bath, suitable for capillary viscometers Cannon-Fenske, Ubbelohde, Ostwald, Tube BS/U, Cannon-Manning semimicro, Ubbelohde BS/ IP/SL, BS/IP/SL (S) and BS/IP/MSL.

Universal support for capillary viscometers, manufactured in PTFE, stainless steel AISI 304 subjection clamp. Indicated for:
- Cannon-Fenske Routine
- Cannon-Fenske Opaque
- Ubbelohde
- Ostwald
- BS U Tube

Stability: 0.01 ˚c

Rang: Amb +5 to 200°c