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Rebar Detector

Additional Info

  • Model: Profometer 600
  • Standards: S 1881, Part 204, DIN 1045, DGZfP B2, SN 505262, SS 78-B4

Advanced cover meter based on the new generation Profometer touchscreen allowing full data review directly on the instrument. Lightweigth IP 67 universal probe with detachable scan cart and spot functionality for measurements where space is limited.

Scalable solution with upgrade possibilities to Profometer 630 AI/650 AI and Profometer Corrosion

Ruggadized scan cart allows measurements on rough surfaces with optional extension rod

Cover Measuring Range

Up to 185 mm

Cover Measuring Accuracy

± 1 to 4 mm, depending on cover

Path Measuring Accuracy On Smooth Surface

0.5 to 1.0 % of measured length

Diameter Measuring Range

Up to 63 mm

Diameter Measuring Accuracy

± 1 rebar size

Available Upgrades

  • To Profometer 630 AI/650 AI
  • To Profometer Corrosion