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Strength Meter(Ultrasonic)

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  • Model: IPSM-U+T
  • Standards: ASTM C597-16

Strength Meter(Ultrasonic)

The device allows to measure the strength and homogeneity of concrete, bricks and other materials under the composition and surface sounding in objects, according to ASTM C597-16 (Standard Test Method for Pulse Velocity Through Concrete), and designed for construction projects inspection of buildings and structures. Has the determining the depth of cracks by the surface sounding probe function.

Measuring the strength and uniformity of construction materials by ultrasonic method NOVOTEST IPSM-U+T is designed for:

  • detection of voids, cracks and defects encountered in the production and operation of structures (for process control and inspection of facilities);
  • measure and uniformity of concrete strength (Guidelines MDS 62-2.01), construction and composite materials, structures, bridges and waterworks;
  • measure the depth of cracks in the tested materials;
  • determine the density and elastic modulus fiberglass and so on;
  • definitions of sound index of construction ceramics and abrasives;
  • estimates of the porosity, fracturing and anisotropy of the material;
  • assess the degree of maturity of the concrete in a monolithic concreting.