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Analog Abbe refractometer

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  • Model: AR4
  • Standards: -

The AR4 determines the refractive index between nD 1.3000–1.7200 and the sugar content in the range of 0–95 %Brix of liquid, viscous as well as solid samples. Dry substance content in % and the dispersion value nF-nC can be calculated.

  • Measurement of liquid, viscous and solid samples, regardless of their turbidity, viscosity, transparency and absorption
  • Suitable for the measurement of foils and solids
  • Large measuring range of nD 1.3000-1.7200 and 0-95%Brix, scale manually adjustable
  • Reading the measured values via an eyepiece
  • Robust housing and easy handling
  • With thermostat connections that allow for the temperature control with an external thermostat
  • Temperature is displayed on LCD screen


Refractive index (nD)          
Concentration of sucrose [%Brix]

Measurement Range

nD 1.3000–1.7200
0–95 %Brix


nD ±0.0002
±0.1 %Brix


nD 0.0005
0.25 %Brix

Temperature Measurement

Digital thermometer

Temperature Measurement Range

0–99 °C

Temp. Measurement Accuracy

±0.5 °C

Temp. Measurement Resolution

0.1 °C

Temperature Compensation


Further Specifications


Measurement Prism

Optical glass

Light Source



589 nm


Reading via eyepiece