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Rust Prevention Test Bath(6 Places)

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  • Model: 1940/6
  • Standards: ASTM D665 , IP 135 , ASTM D3603 , ASTM D5534 , ISO 7120

Evaluation of the ability of inhibited mineral oils, particularly steam-turbine oils, to aid in preventing the rusting of ferrous parts should water become mixed with the oil. This test method is also used for testing other oils, such as hydraulic oils and circulating oils. Provision is made in the procedure for testing heavier-than-water fluids

Ability of steam-turbine oils to prevent the rusting of horizontal and vertical ferrous surfaces when water becomes mixed with the oil.

Ability of hydraulic fluids to prevent the rusting of steel in the vapor phase over the hydraulic fluid and water

For evaluating these products to indicate the effectiveness in preventing the rusting of ferrous parts should water becomes mixed the oil/fluid. The methodis for application to inhibited oils including steam turbine oils, circulating oils and hydraulic oils and non-hydrocarbon fluids including fluids denser than water.

Oil bath completely made of stainless steel, with double insulated wall. Temperature regulation by digital thermoregulator PID with PT100 probe class A and overtemperature alarm, stainless steel heater, motor stirrer, safety internal level for low liquid with warning lamp. T-shaped stainless steel stirrers rotate in their glasses at a constant speed of 1000 ±50 rpm. Transmission frame and upper weir with bearings block and pulley.

Temperature: ambient to 120°C
- Temperature: from ambient to 120°C (248°F)
- Stability: ±0.1°C
- Power supply: 220V 50/60Hz
- Power: 1800W
- Dimensions: 115x22x60 cm
- Weight: 40 kg