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Demulsibility Apparatus

Additional Info

  • Model: 1870
  • Standards: ASTM D2711

For measurement of the ability of oil and water to separate from each other. It is intended for use in testing medium and high-viscosity lubricating oils.

3 positions bath, Ø270x450 mm tank, leakage protection vessel made of tempered glass, cover with three 55 mm holes for separatory funnels. Temperature is controlled by a digital thermoregulator PID with overtemperature alarm and probe PT100A, cooling coil for external joint, stirrer motor, safety internal level for low liquid with warning lamp, stainless steel bar supporting the agitator turbine, programmable digital timer for duration of the test, plate base painted with antiacid epoxidy products, 300 to 5,000 rpm turbine agitator electronically regulated and digitally read.

- Temperature: from ambient to 90°C (194°F)
- Stability: ±0.1°
- Capacity 23 liters about
- Power supply: 220V 50/60Hz
- Power: 2200W