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Permanent Gas Analyser

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  • Model: NGA 2A
  • Standards: GPA 2261, GPA 2177, GPA 2186, GPA 2286, ISO 6974, ISO 6975, ASTM D1945, ASTM D1946

A greenhouse gas analysers for the analysis of CO2, CH4, N2O and SF6.
Instruments with ECD and methaniser/FID detection are mostly used for this type of analysis. Besides this configuration, we offer analysis of greenhouse gases based on PED (Plasma Emission Detector). This detector exludes the need for a radioactive source, and uses only Helium or Argon. Both configurations offer 10 ppb detection limit for N2O.

Analysis of CO2, CH4, N2O (SF6 optional)

Type A; based on ECD and methaniser/FID detection, available on Trace 1300 GC

Type B: based on PED (Plasma Emission Detector), available on Trace 1300 GC and CompactGC

PED detection only uses Ar or He detector gas (no radioactive source or H2-air needed)

10 ppb detection limit for N2O (ECD and PED detection)