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Automatic Grease Worker

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  • Model: 670/AUT
  • Standards: ASTM D5, ASTM D217, ASTM D937, ASTM D1403, ASTM D1321, ASTM D2884, IP 179, IP 310, IP 376, IP 49, IP 50, ISO 2137, DIN 51580, DIN 51579, EN 1426

The determination of the penetration of semi-solid bituminous materials

These test methods cover four procedures for measuring the consistency of lubricating greases by the penetration of a cone of specified dimensions, mass, and finish.
This test method covers measuring with a penetrometer the penetration of petrolatum as an empirical measure of consistency

These test methods cover two procedures for measuring the consistency of small samples of lubricating greases by penetration of a 1?4-scale cone or a 1?2-scale cone. These test methods include procedures for the measurement of unworked and worked penetrations.

This test method covers the empirical estimation of the consistency of waxes derived from petroleum by measurement of the extent of penetration of a standard needle. This test method is applicable to waxes having a penetration of not greater than 250.

This test method covers determination of the yield stress of heterogeneous propellants, both of the gel and emulsion types, containing from 0 to 70 % solid additives
For determining the consistency of bitumen and bituminous binders. Normal procedure is described for penetrations up to 330 but for penetrations above this value, up to 500, different operating parameters are necessary

Automatic grease worker machine. Heavy base plate with monofase gear motor preset to make 60 strokes per minute, 6-digit counting mechanism and automatic stroke count and shutoff device. With one grease worker.

- Power supply: 220V 50Hz
- Power: 800W
- Dimensions: 41x30x50 cm
- Weight: 37 kg