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Manual Herschel

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  • Model: 1850/MAN
  • Standards: ASTM D1401 , ISO 6614 , DIN 51599

For measurement of the ability of petroleum oils or synthetic fluids to separate from water. Although developed specifically for steam-turbine oils having viscosities of 28.8-90 mm2/s at 40°C, this test method may be used to test oils of other types having various viscosities and synthetic fluids at other test temperatures. It is recommended, however, that the test temperature be raised to 82 ±1°C when testing products more viscous than 90 mm2/s at 40°C. For higher viscosity oils where there is insufficient mixing of oil and water, Test Method D2711 is recommended

Borosilicate tank, cover with 4 holes for test cylinder, leakage protection vessel made of tempered glass, supplied with cork disk supporting and stainless steel base, stainless steel heater controlled by a digital thermoregulator PID and probe PT100A, overtemperature alarm, programmable digital timer for duration of the test, motor stirrer for bath, centering for 4 emulsion cylinders, bar supporting the stirrer motor with stop system allowing the exact immersion of the blade agitator, variable speed controller 150 to 1999 rpm, stainless steel blade agitator 19x1.5mm L=120 mm connected to a stainless steel 6 mm shaft.

- Temperature: from ambient to 150°C (302°F)
- Stability: ±0.1°C
- Power supply: 220V 50/60Hz
- Power: 1200W
- Dimensions: 35x35x92 cm