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Calorimeter Vessel

Additional Info

  • Model: 2070
  • Standards: ASTM D240,ASTM D4809,ASTM D2382,ASTM D5865,ASTM D3286,ASTM D129,ASTM D808,IP 12,IP 61,DIN 51577,ISO 1716, ASTM D4868

For the determination of sulfur in petroleum products, including lubricating oils containing additives, additive concentrates, and lubricating greases that cannot be burned completely in a wick lamp. The test method is applicable to any petroleum product sufficiently low in volatility that it can be weighed accurately in an open sample boat and containing at least 0.1% sulfur.

Handle for extraction, 2 sectors polycarbonate cover with holes for the passing of stirrer, blade stirrer, motor stirrer 100 rpm 24V with support, double pliers for thermometer, connection for Mahler bomb electrodes. The vessel is fitted with Ignition Device including: low voltage outlet, start pushbutton, 24V socket for motor stirrer, ammeter.

- Power supply: 220V 50/60Hz
- Dimensions: 40x40x82 cm
- Weight: 29 kg